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World Champion Chocolatier


The chocolates, as beautifully described on their website, are “thoughtfully crafted by World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet with a zealous adherence to French tradition”.

I absolutely adore zChocolat and the phenomenal artistry of Pascal Caffet, a World Champion Chocolatier whose commitment to French tradition in chocolate-making is truly inspiring. My first encounter with this delightful gem was when I received it as a gift. The chocolate itself was nothing short of exquisite, a masterful blend of flavors that danced on the palate. But it wasn’t just the chocolate that captivated me; the packaging was a visual treat, elegantly designed and crafted, adding an extra layer of luxury to the entire experience.


What truly set this experience apart was the personal touch that came with it. The accompanying note was heartfelt and genuinely touching, elevating the entire experience from a simple act of giving to something deeply personal and memorable. Since that moment, I have been sharing zChocolat with my nearest and dearest, and the response has been unanimously enthusiastic. Everyone has raved about the quality and taste of the chocolate, affirming my own impressions.


What’s truly remarkable about zChocolat is their ability to forge a personal connection with their customers, despite being an online business. The personalized notes from Laurence, their head of customer service, are a testament to their exceptional customer care. These notes have consistently exceeded my expectations, making me feel as if I am not just a customer but a dear friend being looked after with great care and attention.


Each interaction with zChocolat reinforces this feeling of a close-knit relationship, a rarity in today’s digital age. They have a unique way of making each customer feel special and valued, as if they are taking care of my friends and loved ones personally. This level of service, combined with their unparalleled chocolate-making expertise, makes zChocolat a brand that I wholeheartedly love and recommend.


Monique Mardinian
CEO & Founder of Encore Corporate Travel


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