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Travel Expert Exposé: Interview with a Corporate Events Master

This week, we sat down with Eliska, our Events and Group Travel Lead, and asked her all about Corporate Groups and Events. Maybe you’ve been thinking about booking a corporate group event or any kind of group travel, or maybe that’s part of your day-to-day but you’re looking to add to your tool belt. Either way, you’re in the right place: Eliska’s been in the travel industry for 24 years! It’s safe to say she knows her stuff.


Let’s start at the beginning: if someone wants to plan a group meeting or event for their team, where should they start?

Eliska: If you’re one of our clients, call me! Or fill out our form. By bringing us in during the early planning stages, we can help lay out a timeline, and assist in organizing all the details required to make the guests’ experience seamless from start to finish.


Is there a limit to how big the group event can be?

Eliska: Not really! I’ve planned events as big as 2,000 and as small as 10. Our minimum is 10 guests, but we’ve had a few VIP groups of 8 or 9 guests.


What were some of your most successful groups, and what made them great?

Eliska: Our most successful groups come to us early in their planning stages. However, even if we come in later, we can have success if the client is open to accepting our suggestions and trust in our collective experience.


Speaking of planning stages, what kinds of things can your team incorporate into a group event? Is it just booking flights and event space?

Eliska: Myself and the Groups and Events team at Encore can take on a wide array of tasks, and support you as much or as little as you’d like. That includes things like event registration, collection of guest information and preferences, venue sourcing, flight management, keeping guests within a timeline and budget (coordinating arrivals and departures), ground transportation, and more. We also give you real time reporting, access to shared documents, after hours and weekend dedicated support.


Do clients have to use all of these services?

Eliska: No, we actually offer as much or as little support as you’d like. Each event is different, so we know that sometimes, it’s just booking flights, and sometimes, it’s the works. It’s your event, so you get to pick and choose.

There you have it, folks! Our in-house expert Eliska dished the must-know info for everything to do with corporate groups and events. 

Want to learn more about Encore Corporate Travel’s dedicated Groups & Events team, CORE Unite?